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In 1964 the Company added an International Walk-in van to carry equipment. There was no room in the firehouse and this vehicle was forced to sit outside the building. It became apparent that the Company was outgrowing the space in this very old building. Members started to work on plans for a modern firehouse that had enough space for the Company to keep pace with the growing communities it served. This resulted in the present day firehouse being built next to the old firehouse. The Company moved into their new quarters in 1966, and quickly added a 1954 Brockway Tractor pulling a 6250 gallon trailer donated by Lea and Nuss Company. A dedication ceremony was held for the new building and the walk-in and the tanker. The old firehouse remained as a storage and training building.

The following year a 1967 International/Tasc pumper was purchased and housed. Members put the first addition onto the present day firehouse in 1969. This addition gave the Company a meeting room and a multi purpose room that is used as a weight room today.

The next significant purchase came when the Company received two new apparatus: a 1973 Dodge/Bruco brush truck; and a 1974 Hahn pumper. These two trucks were housed on May 19, 1974.

Rio Grande and Woodbine Fire Department were the first two Companies in Cape May County to use Hurst's Jaws of Life. The original two sets were purchased by the County Fireman's Association. During these early years Rio Grande Jaws (carried on the 1973 Dodge) were called all over the Southern end of the County for extrication assignments until other Companies purchased Jaws sets. The Jaws have been updated several times over the years to keep pace with developments in extrication tools.

A 1964 GMC tractor was purchased in 1976 to pull the trailer. This cab was completely overhauled by the members and had a custom paint job and striping that would be the forerunner of designs in reflective striping today.

By 1976 the Company was looking to complete the building with an addition that would be the Hall and work bays. This addition completed in 1977 was built in the area of the old firehouse which was destroyed by fire while it was being demolished.

Two years later another used oil truck replaced the International tank wagon. This Chevrolet tanker was retrofitted into a fire service vehicle. In 1979 a surplus military "weapons carrier" was purchased and converted into a cascade vehicle, carrying eight 5000psi bottles.

1981 saw the purchase of a second Hahn pumper. In 1983 a chance to purchase a 1982 Mack straight tanker (5100 Gallons) was available. The Company could not pass up this opportunity. This eliptical milk tanker had the necessary retrofits done to it and it was put into service replacing the tractor trailer. A Ford light rescue was purchased in 1985. This truck was first seen by members attending the Lancaster County Expo. It replaced the aging walk-in van and took over extrication duties. A second eliptical tanker was purchased in 1986 from 4Guys on a Mack chassis.

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