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The 1990's came with the purchase of a Spartan/Saulsbury rescue-pumper. This truck replaced three trucks: the light rescue; the "weapons carrier"; and the Mack which was retired from service. This truck now performed duties that three trucks were required to do in the past. The Committee that worked on this truck was also busy getting plans together to get the Mack pumper refurbished. The Company purchased the truck from Board of Fire Commissioners and with money raised by the Company and the Ladies Auxiliary were able to have the truck restored as closely as possible to its original condition. These two trucks were housed in 1992 shortly after the Company celebrated its 65th Anniversary. The Mack now serves parade duty having won numerous awards and continues to be a great source of pride for the Company.

In 1992 Rio Grande and Green Creek Fire Companies got together to institute a dual tone for all structure calls. This meant that a sufficient amount of firefighters would be at all structure calls in either District day or night. This has proven to be very successful and helped us lower our ISO rating to a 5.

Changes came quickly in the recent years with a 1994 Chevrolet Suburban being added as a command vehicle and for use for members to go to fire schools, meetings, and other Fire Company business. This was followed by the addition of a Spartan/LTI 75' 2000GPM quint. This truck replaced the 1974 Hahn and was our first aerial device. It is first due on structure calls and fills a wide range of needs on the scene quickly.

After many years of hard service the 1973 Dodge was replaced by a 1996 AM General Hummer with fire body work by Fouts Brothers. This truck is a twin to the Hummer that our sister company Green Creek purchased earlier that year.

The Company now looks forward to two major projects. The first one is the renovation of the Hall. This room has not changed much since it was built in 1977. The second project is the replacement of the 1981 Hahn and the 1986 Mack tanker with a new pumper tanker. This truck will combine the functions of the two existing apparatus into one truck.

The Rio Grande Fire Company has continually grown over the past seventy-two years and has strived to provide excellent service for the residents, businesses and people who pass through this area. Many changes have occurred through our long and storied history. Today we are proud of our modern equipment, capabilities and outstanding record of service. We look forward to the future and work hard to maintain the highest level of service in the ever changing fire service.

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